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Need tutorial for "Offmesh Connections" for quester


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3 minutes ago, camelot10 said:

i think offmesh connections help to connect some bad paths in meshes: example caves or Narthalas academy in Azsuna.

requesting good tutorial how use it properly. thanks


I agree, didn't fully understand how do use them properly after adding them via:

 var me = new List<PathFinder.OffMeshConnection>
            new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3>
                new Vector3(-8805.438, 663.3263, 96.20168),
                new Vector3(-8809.822, 647.994, 94.38027)
            }, (int) wManager.Wow.Enums.ContinentId.Azeroth),
            new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3>
                new Vector3(-8809.822, 647.994, 94.38027),
                new Vector3(-8805.438, 663.3263, 96.20168)
            }, (int) wManager.Wow.Enums.ContinentId.Azeroth)



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