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Visual С# Command Line Compiler


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Hey all, I'm having the following problem: 

After a few hours of use the questing bot, when read commands of the type "runcode" in task manager for a few seconds starts to receive the following process "Visual С# Command Line Compiler" which uses about 10% CPU, when the type command "runcode" executes this process immediately disappears. However, in the beginning of the use of the bot for an hour or two, the process "Visual C# Command Line Compiler" does not appear, it begins to appear only after some time.

Is there a way besides restarting the bot every 2 hours to get rid of this problem?

I am attaching the screenshot.



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Also noticed that the longer the bot runs, the longer the read commands of the type "runcode", one command may be read before performing for about !!!30 seconds!!! (+ at this time, the hanging process "Visual С# Command Line Compiler", which consumes about 10% CPU). So the passage of the profile may take twice the time! than at the first start of the bot. Droidz, please help with a solution to this problem, I have no possibility to restart the bot every hour, and the other output simply is not present, as he very slooowly reads the code in the long run :(

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