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PLEASE HELP! My bot is not turning in the quest.


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Hi folks. i am trying to create a Dwarf Starting Zone bot. I have been doing pretty well so far. I have come across an issue with quest ID "218" "Ice and Fire" . the quest requires 4 separate objective to be completed. I must kill 2 separate bosses, and two groups of different mobs. Currently I believe I have all of the objectives complete, but the bot continues to fight mobs. I have tried switching the objective counts in all ways I can think, please, help if you can! I will take ANY AND ALL advise!! THANK YOU!!

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anyone will be taking out their ass witout the profile to actually look at.

My guess is the profile obectives are 8,8,1,1.  where 1,1 are the two bosses and 8,8 are the two different mobs.  however the actual quest completion structure is 1,1,8,8.  aka the bot things it need to get the "kill boss count" to 8 ( which it can never do).


make sure thats in order... if it is upload the profile and a screenshot of the quest objectives through the WoW client.

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