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Bot picks up quests you havent specified in profile

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I've noticed that my bot is picking up quests that I have not included in my quester profile.
This seems to be happening in the following cases:

1. The questgiver have multiple quests, and you want the bot to pickup one of them. What often happens is that the bot will loop through (and accept) the available quests until it accepts the quest you have specified in your profile.
2. Quests with follow ups. You want the bot to turn in some quest, but you dont want it to pickup the follow up. What often happens is that the bot picks up the follow up even tho you havent specified this follow up quest in your profile. Eg. The Defense of Grom'gol. You want the bot to do the first part, but not the follow up.

The reason why I am mentioning this is that your quest log will be filled up rather quickly with unnecessary quests. And suddenly your quest log is full....

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