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The bot skips sale


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After 10+ hours of work, bot for some reason begins to miss the runcode "wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MinFreeBagSlotsToGoToTown = 20", he is to pass the dungeon with full bags, but not going to sell stuff to the vendor after leaving the dungeon, he can run dungeon with full bags of a couple of times before going sell. I tried to put several of these commands in a row, increased the timer between them, put the larger the search radius the NPC but it does nothing. The vendor is in the database, mount included, sale is on, all addons turned off. As soon as I shut down and start again the bot, it starts over again all very well to sell about 10 hours, and then again skips the code.


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WRobot blacklist sometime your repair/vendor npc "[ToTown] Unable to reach the vendor, blacklist it 120 minutes (you can disable this NPC in NPC DB tab 'Tools')."

In your profile, try to disable repair/selling when you are in "Ulduar80" and reactive it when you are in "Northrend"

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