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Melee Range Issues Re: NPCs w/Large Hit Boxes


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Good afternoon!


There are quite a few NPCs with hit boxes greater than the default melee range of 5 yards, e.g. raid bosses; however, WRotation refuses to trigger melee skills if not within 5 yards of the NPC even though you can manually activate them.


Reproduction Steps

  1. Expand "More info" section on main WRobot window to see triggered events
  2. Engage an NPC with a hitbox that extends beyond 5 yards (e.g. Tortos, Megaera, etc.)
  3. Watch "Target Distance" value in WRobot window
  4. Move to 6+ yards of NPC, verify you can manually trigger melee abilities
  5. At 6+ yards WRotation does not trigger events
  6. Move within 5 yards of NPC, WRotation triggers events

Is there any way to account for larger NPC hit boxes at this time? I've tried increasing the range via the FightClass editor to 10+ yards but nothing seems to correct this issue.


Thank you!

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@loves: yes, that is what I tried :)

@Droidz: thank you for looking into it! I don't actually leave it unattended, I actually use it to allow me to play as I have bad arthritis - pushing lots of buttons hurts, but I enjoy coding the fight AI very much as it allows me to feel like I can still participate and play. :)

The main reason I pointed this out is because several NPCs (especially raid bosses) don't allow you to get within 5 yards. Some have built in push backs like Tortos where you automatically get shoved back before getting in range, some mobs fly higher than 5 yards on the z axis, etc.

I can manage movement just fine, but if I can't reach the mob WRotation won't work which means mashing my hand against the keyboard or avoiding those fights. ;)

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I don't want to be a bother, but is there any update on this issue?


If the "check for good distance" code is available for public viewing I'd be happy to take a look at it and see if I can find anything. I imagine either that or the "range" code may be the culprit. :)

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I'm sorry to report that it doesn't seem to be working. I selected the new option and tried increasing the range of the profile, same behavior.


Training Dummy shows a max range in game of ~5.1, Wrotation won't respond until within 5.0.


Also tried a world boss mob (even bigger hit box) and still had to be within 5.0.

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You have activate good option?




(you need to setting fight range smaller than 6 in your fightclass, this option works only for melee wow class).


For me this works.


Option desactivated:



Option activated:






Someone else has tried this option?

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I made sure my general settings match your screenshot exactly (even turning off things like "improve rotation") and ensured that my range was set to 5 in my fight class and it still refused to trigger even at 5.001 away. :(

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