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So i've been looking around trying to find a Plugin, Routine that would do the following.


I have 2 Accounts, I wanna level my new one quick so im gonna use my lvl 70 Shaman to Mob tag myself up thru quests etc.


So what i am looking for is


1.The lvl 70 Needs to have follow on The Low level at all times except during combat.

2.They cannot be in party since that would ruin the EXP Gain.

3.The level 70 needs to somehow attack the low levels Target( Focus target ???) and then Continue following.


That's pretty much all i need, For my 70 to follow my alt around and kill monsters after i tag them on low lvl.

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Pretty much yea, i used to have the same setup for Honorbuddy on 3.3.5 and i need this to work :p

From looking around on videos etc i cannot find this to be in the bot which is why im asking for a script that would do it :P


Hope that makes sense

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