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Resting/ Regeneration / Food / Drink

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Hey droidz. Can you add the function to not wait until my bot Has Full hp ( regeneration ) if i'm not using (Use food) etc. or just add checkbox for Resting if you have low hp or rest until HP you set. Cause i'm leveling warlocks. and i need only mana cause of Drain Life. And each time my bot Drinking. he's Eating too. No matter how much hp he has. he's just eat. I want to eat him only if he has less than ~40hp for example. and stop Regeneration without Eating if i dont want to wait. cause i will drain life anyway. Add pls rest options. Think you got my idea.

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2 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, you can disable it in advanced general settings (put 0)

Droidz common. you dont even reading, right? it will takes so much time. i want to Only drink Mana. without Food. after he drinks mana and get 100% mana. he waits for 100% hp too. thats stupid

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