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Grinding - How to ignore mob groups ?


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Hello there,

my question is how can i tell the bot that he should ignore mob groups.

Example:  Grinding area and only attack one mob and ignore the mob when some other mobs in range.


The problem during the test the bot always dies when he attack a groupe

So is it a fightclass problem or a grindprofile problem?  or a bot setting?

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Just now, whynot said:

ohh and one last question is it possible to do NOT attack Elites and ignore mobs already attacked? by another player?

Yes look in advanced general settings

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On 7/14/2017 at 6:07 AM, Droidz said:


You can blacklist zones with group of mobs.

In general settings you can put lower value at "Max units near target".

You can also try this plugin: https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1124-avoidit/


The " Max units near target" does not work for Vanilla. Whether I use 0, 1 or 10. Nothing changes, he still pulls even if there is 5 hyenas standing in a 3 foot circle. I will try the avoidit addon and hope that fixes it.

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