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Bot stops working after npc casts net onto character

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Hello, So another problem with Gatherer in Thousand needles, I encountered this problem about 4 times always on the same position. around - 44.6 and 40.2.

Bot completely stops and does nothing, found out after having my paladin 20 minutes idle on the spot. Today I tried this with another character to test it and give shorter log. Happened again. I made for myself a new profile which avoids kolkars but it is a waste since there is quite a few veins there.

I started bot, it mined about 3 veins and then the bug described here appeared: Bug Report

after that bot went on and again Kolkar Wrangler threw net at my character which stopped and did nothing, did not even dismount and it did let the Wrangler to shoot at my character the whole time.

22 Jul 2017 07H17.log.html

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