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Pathfinder not taking custom paths?

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Been trying to get a Silithus profile working properly (grinding with the questing botbase), but it's proving to be a pain.

The issues arise when trying to get the bot to vendor inside Cenarion Hold.

After disabling all other vendors, I get him to choose Vargus with no problem. The pathfinder however refuses to choose a reasonable path to Vargus, and will often run straight into the mountain that Cenarion Hold sits atop, and bang his head against it. Mostly this is an issue if the bot wants to go to vendor from a position that is diagonally from Cenarion Hold's main entrance.

I originally had the same issue with the ghost pathing, but adding a custom path from the Spirit Healer worked, the bot chooses that path now with no issues. I cannot however get it to choose one of my custom paths which I've set up around Cenarion Hold for vendoring.

- There seems to be some kind of integrated path it instead chooses, but I assume that's designed for flying mounts or something.

Any tips on how to get this working?

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Pathfinding in general is terrible for Vanilla WoW. To add to this, does anyone know of a way to 'patch' pathfinding? For example, the bot likes to go around obstacles when it doesnt NEED to go around them. Surely everyone knows what im talking about. Instead of running 40 yards straight to the target, pathfinding routes him WAY around, like a large rock or multiple trees. Each and everytime in the same locations. Super bottish. How can one go about patching these spots? How can I make a simple route for pathfinding to use also when navigating these areas?( P.S. the profile I made goes RIGHT THROUGH this area, it does not care. It still wants to use pathfinding to go around unneeded obstacles.

I think us being able to fix pathfinding is the only option. But, I dont even know that is an option?

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Well I have the same problem with Gatherer (wotlk tho, not vanilla), I recorded a perfect route with no obstacles at all, no trees, no rocks, nothing, and sometimes it ignores the route because "dude ur path sucks look how faster I reach the next spot by using this secret short road", which completly fails and makes me fly against a wall for like 30 seconds or more. ..

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