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  1. banned appel for me on 1 bot over 3 running at the same time with different IP and same PC.
  2. an idea would be to mass report random players, that way admin will camp and watch real players ... loosing time .... and get less chance to watch real bot ...
  3. quick one, what is the plugin on the video you shared ? on the left, we can see the trail with the map, I like it !!
  4. Hi, I would like to analyse the log generated by my toon, the log located in the folder Logs/ The log is about 30Mo and even with chrome it's difficult to read specific stuff. Anyone has the "easy" reader or found a way to read it properly ? I want to check what it did, chat messages, etc ... Thanks.
  5. I was just asking a guide or a way to set the wow client on a particular VPN, like having 4 wow client playing at the same time with diff ip. any idea ?
  6. is there any guide to use different IP for each wow.exe on the same computer (windows 10) ?
  7. @Droidz any idea in silithus ? anyway to force a path ?
  8. Seems fun to use it but it doesn't work, says "out of date" in the addon screen If I force the addon to be excecuted, when I launch the game, i have the message : Interface/AddOns/ChatAce/ChatAce.lua : IO : attempt to call global ' LibStub' {a nil value} Any ideas ? ps: version is vanilla 1.12.1
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