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whats wrong with lua?


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``Hey, when I use lua ,wow remind me with the pictures below,  Here is my setting,     In spells(order by priority) i add      RunMacroText("/Logout") l    .in spell settings i choose

not a spell is a lua script true. In the end i set spell conditions with when mana below 90 percent .but it not work. Who can help me?



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thank you very much,Droidz.You helped me understand a big problem,  RunMacroText is not implanted in wow vanilla.we cant use RunMacroText("/logout").But how to use API in WROBOT.When I finished my food.

My mana(MP) is full.How can i stand up so i can use my skills. it Confused me for a long time. Can you give me some details how to use API in Wrobot, like stand up. I know it's god-awful, but i cant find some thing to teach me how to use API in Wrobot .I want to learn.but i dont know how to do . I would very appreciate for your time and your help.

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