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Use two vendors

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Is there a way to use two vendors? For example, repair from one and buy drinks from another. Or 10 times sell stuff to one vendor (close one) and more rarely go to another vendor for repair.

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This will not work. Bot will move to the closest NPC (that can't repair) and will try to repair from him. After ~10 seconds he will realize that he can't repair here, and will not sell anithing to that vendor as well. Will just quit it.

The problems are:
1) Bot first try to repair from vendor (no matter what type of vendor is that)
2) Bot is not selling stuff if he can't repair from vendor (even is that vendor can't repair items at all)

Is it should be like that or that's a bug?

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Same with drinks, i have placed 2 npc in profile, one with drinks (Vendor type), another with repair (Repair type). Bot just sell everything to the second npc and don't buy any drinks from the first one

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But i have tried to turn Repair options Off. Repair turned On only during the first try. Second try (second part of the video) i do it with Repair Off, but result is the same.
You can see it in the log as well
First try: http://prntscr.com/gimmov
Second try: http://prntscr.com/gimoba

UPD 1: Went back, repaired and have tried same path with 100% durability. Same problem.
UPD 2: Have tried similar path but with different vendor. It works fine. More then that. It works in both cases: if Repair oprtion turned On or turned Off. And it even works with damaged equipment, just skips repair phase (as it should) and sell stuff.

So the problem exists with that only vendor, that i have sent to you. Can you please check him?


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