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S***loads of problems

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My bot is only killing what its facepulling, not seeking for targets, profiles used to work before update, and not after it.

One profile Im using attached

18-22 redridge.xml

Also pet attack is bugged (pet wont attack mobs, only when the defensive status triggers their attack=when mob hits me or the pet with physical attack).

Botting on elysium

Also having problems with trainer, which is warlock trainer in stormwind, set in to the npc database, my bot is trying to run there every level (which is not wanted ofc) and getting stuck in tunnel, cause the trainer is underground. Anyway I can set a path to the trainer myself?

25 syys 2017 12H54.log.html

Also when the bot facepulls a mob, it is having a hard time facing the mob (trying to spam spells facing away from the mob).

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1 hour ago, Droidz said:

In your profile, you have "MinTargetLevel" at 150, put value like 16

Oh, it was set correctly in the profile creator but somehow value was incorrect in the file itself, opened it in notepad and fixed and now working.

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