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[Resolved] New mesh problem?

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i've got a profile that was perfectly working for 4 month. Today i have noticed that it's not working anymore, seems like it happened pretty recently because it was working fine just 2-3 days ago or about.

The problem is prety simple. There is a pac of mobs, bot kills it, loots half of the mobs and then he is trying to loot the other half that is 5 meters away from him. But for some reason, now he decides not just move that 5 meters forward but run a huge circle arount. Circle is about 30(!) meshes... And thats totally ruin the profile.
So what happened with the last couple updates? I was working on that profile for more then 2 mounth and now it's broken for some reason, after recent updates.

I have deleted mesh folder, that did not help. Addittionally, that problem have happened for all my PC at the same time, so it's not a "reinstall wrobot" problem.

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And yes, of mesh is not working, as always.

I can give an exact spot where should be a mesh point added, and where is was before. Is it will be possible to add it to mess database like this? Thank you in advance for your answer.

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