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Mend Pet Not Working 3.3.5a

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Hello, Team

I purchased the private server package and I have ran into a few issues, but ultimatlmy have been able to find a work around for most with the help of the forums. But for the life of me i cannot figure out to get the bot to us the "Mend Pet" skill as intended, it simply ignoring it. I am using the below fight class that was provided via the software. But its still skipping the mend pet spell.  

Hunter - [Leveling 1-80] [Beast Mastery] | [Marksmanship] | [Fightclass] | [3.3.5a] WRobot for private server > WRobot for Wow Wrath of the Lich King > Fight Classes - Wotlk - 902  

I have tried all sorts of things, i have changed the conditions of the health, and % nothing works. 

I would be very grateful if someone could help me get this solved. The build is useless if you cant even heal your pet :( 

Thank you


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Looking into the fight class, these are the following conditions that must be met in order for it to use Mend Pet:

  • Pet Health Percent <= 85
  • Health Points Lost >= 300 (Not sure if this is Player Health Points Lost, or Pet)
  • Target Health Percent == 25
  • Timer has reached 16 seconds

Checking how much health points lost is quite redundant if you are already checking if the pet health percent is below # value.
Why only use Mend Pet when your target health is exactly 25%?

hbs27 Current Spell Settings:

Timer = 16000 (This may or may not be necessary).
Cast spell on  is set to none. (not sure if spell needs to be cast on Pet?)

Spell Settings (Adjusted):

  • Timer  ([optional] Mend Pet Cooldown Time)
  • Cast spell on = Pet?
  • Check if know spell = True
  • Check is spell is good distance = True
  • Check if spell is usable = True

 Spell Conditions:

  • Pet Health Percent = SmallerOrEqual (Desired value)
  • May want to check Pet Buff as well, to see if your pet already has the buff.
  • May want to check if Pet is Alive and Valid with C Sharp Code

C Sharp Code:

ObjectManager.Pet.IsAlive && ObjectManager.Pet.IsValid



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