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Autoattack breaking stealth (rogue, druid) and slow targeting enemies


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Hello, before opening this topic I did some research and yes there are already topics about this issue since 2012-2013, but there were no replies or updates, and after many years I see the problem isn't solved yet (I worked all the night on a rogue profile and this was the only thing I couldn't figure out how to solve). So is there a way to change the behaviour of the wrobot forcing him to just move near the target without basically spamming autoattack (right mouse click)? Because right now it's very hard to have a decent opening with cheap shot, garrote, or pounce.

Also another thing, but I guess it's not a "bug" and I just messed up something: why does the character target an enemy, goes into stealth, then cancel stealth to mount and then dismount in his melee zone? I mean he shoulk walk all the way in stealth until he reaches the target, why does he mounts? Could it be the "Mount Distance" in the options? I think it was because I set it at 20 (instead of 80), now I set it at 100 but still I'm not sure if it's that, can someone teach me more in detail about that function and that behaviour? And in the fight class i just created a Stealth spell with conditions: player must have a target. Noticing also sometimes it takes too much to "choose" an enemy even when he has one in front of him, is there something I'm missing on the options?

Thanks, have a nice day

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Mount Distance 20 means if anything is 20 yards or further away, it will mount up instead of walking.
There's no real way to prevent "right click" sine that's how Click To Move works.

Instead, add Lua "StopAttack();" spam so that it won't break stealth with autoattack before cheap shotting.

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I see, I will set it at 30-40 yards, maybe it will work better.

About the lua stop attack that's a nice idea I didn't think about that!  So should I just add a spell (lua code) and put it on top priority before cheap shot, am I right? I was thinking about writing some conditions to be more safe, like "i'm stealthed", "i'm near the target".. and other stuff. Thanks !

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You will need to make Cheap Shot itself Lua.
Then in one Lua execution, you put:

CastSpellByName("Cheap Shot");

of course you need to add condition so it doesn't try to stop your attacks while you're out of stealth etc. Rather check you're stealthed/cheap shot isUsable etc.

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