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Assign Talents for 3.3.5 WOTLK

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Hello, I'm starting again to mess around with fight classes and profiles, getting very good results atm, I just don't understand the "Assign Talent" (I'm on WOTLK). I did some research here and i found only someone saying about a file in the Fight Class folder (which I don't have). Does it need to be like "Mage.lua" and written inside the lua commands to assign the talents for each row, or some txt with a sequence like 123512312131 generated from some online generator? I don't get it, the grinder+profile with zone+ visit trainer is good, but I miss this Assign Talent, this would be a perfect leveling bot! Another question: What makes the bot force the visit to the vendor? Every X levels? Or when he already knows there will be something to learn?

Greetings thanks for reading

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Yes I already tried that plugin, even with the code provided on the website after setting the build.. but somehow it wasn't working.

I will check it again, because lua sometimes fails last time I tried giving talents only with lua and it was a mess, i couldn't decide the order so It was wasting points on talents that are optional

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