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Blacklist events?


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Hello @Droidz

are there any blacklist events for when the bot does this?


21:02:33 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Choosing vendor Innkeeper Lyshaerya to buy food
21:02:33 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Innkeeper Lyshaerya (Vendor)
21:02:33 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Gritjaw Basilisk
21:02:44 - [ToTown] Unable to reach the vendor, blacklist it 120 minutes (you can disable this NPC in NPC DB tab 'Tools').

My problem:
Bot blacklists this NPC (I think because it can't make a path? I don't understand it tbh, it should be able to make a path perfectly, at least within 5 yards, but there is a small counter around the npc).
I don't know about this blacklist and select the same NPC over and over => bot never goes to vendor because it always choosest the unreachable vendor.

So can I somehow access what vendor the bot blacklists when it happens, so I can add npcEntry to my own blacklist?

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