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Cata/Mop window quests

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Okay, so tried what was shown in the Tanaan Jungle profile, but it doesn't seem to want to work in cata or mop. Tried redoing it with different button clicks no luck.


You need to, in "Quests order editor":

  • Add steps type While with param :
  • Add steps type RunLuaCode with param:
    RunMacroText("/click ObjectiveTrackerBlocksFrameHeader"); 
    RunMacroText("/click QuestFrameCompleteButton"); 
    RunMacroText("/click QuestFrameCompleteQuestButton"); 
  • Add steps type Wait with param:
  • Add steps type EndWhile.


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yes, tried a few different button clicks most recent was "WatchFrameAutoQuestPopUp1" right after it finishes, but no luck still with it. I've also tried see if could find an auto turnin addon that can do those windows not had luck there either yet.

edit: think got something just remembered a thing did with buttons before. can't seem to get anything to work going just give up on those quests should be fine after strangle thorn

I might look at old HB 4.3.4 because was testing it and realized didn't like how stupid it acted, but the only thing noticed is it clicked those windows just fine. I'm try few different things later and if nothing else there is a lazy way of going back to these npcs to turnin.

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