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Intercepting gathering movement with plugin?


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is it possible to "intercept/override" the "move-to-gather node" state of gatherer?

I want to add some basic anti-stuck when flying to a node via a plugin.

Like ascending / strafing some yards when distance to the gathe rnode does not change for like 5 seconds.

Thanks  for any help

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Hello, do you have try with this events 

        wManager.Events.MovementEvents.OnPulseStuckResolver += delegate(CancelEventArgs cancelable)

        wManager.Events.MovementEvents.OnSeemStuck += delegate

You can try to check status if you want run this code only when you farming

if (robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Status == "Farming")

(you can also read last log)

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Hi, thank you, Droidz!


robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Status == "Farming"

trick is working quite well ;)

I also want to add some JumpOrAscend when gatherer detects the "next/new" gatherig node that is "above" the char.
Because currently the movement looks very stuttering when gatherer flies to a node with node.z >  me.z   (looks like it runs up stairs).

How to readout the position of the current  node/POI gatherer is focused on ?

Thank you in advanced.


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