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Changes between TBC/WotLK recently?


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Hey @Droidz

have you recently changed something about TBC/WotLK API?
My TBC fightclasses used to work on WotLK (compiled with 2.4.3 wRobot binaries), now they crash the bot with MissingMethodException (can't get stacktrace atm, maybe later if I do a crash dump).

There are no different methods. Compiling the fightclass with 3.3.5a wRobot binaries makes it work, but then crashes on 2.4.3 with MissingMethodException. Since switching out the binaries doesn't actually lead to MissingMethodException when compiling the fightclass, I don't really understand. Will update this thread with a stacktrace as soon as I can grab one.

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System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA

This is the method that was recently changed it seems. However, when using 3.3.5a binaries, this method exists for sure.

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It is not same method signature, but this change have 2 years ago. (you can call this method on the two version from same .cs file but not from same .dll, you need to compile 1 dll by WRobot version). To resolve this problem create your own "CastSpellByNameLUA" method:


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I've already created my own method to resolve this. It had worked before, so that's why I was confused. But I guess I didn't see the method signature was different, because of default arguments in C#.
I'm used to method overloading from Java where you have to create new methods. 

Thanks for the response :)

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