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Bot gets stuck trying to interact with Tallonkai Swiftroot

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I'm trying to build a Quester Profile in Dolanaar (Starting Area of NE alliance). The bot goes to interact(Quest Pickup) with NPC

Tallonkai Swiftroot ID 3567 X-9898.59, Y-984.968, Z-1354.802

but gets stuck outside the building running back and forth. Is there a workaround or something to force the bot to walk up the two flights of stairs?  

Any help is greatly appreciated.


25 Feb 2018 18H44.log.html

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You would need to look at t he offmesh connection thread and make one to work.

Personally i just made some followpathswhen picking up and handing in the quests to that guy to force the bot to walk.  not pretty but 60% of the time it works 100% of the time.


Attached file may save you some time.



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