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API changes wRobot Memory class


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Hi @Droidz

it seems you changed the API (maybe more obfuscation?).
Before, I was using 

WowMemory.Memory.ReadUInt32((uint)WowMemory.Memory.MainModuleAddress + memory);
Keyboard.PressKey(Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, Keys.Enter);

And a few more. None of these seems accessible anymore. How do I get direct access to the memory reading API now?

Getting this exception, can't really tell how/why, since the field does exist:

[E] 18:52:33 - System.MissingFieldException: Field not found: 'MemoryRobot.Memory.MainModuleAddress'.

Edit: Seems a wRobot restart resolved this after recompiling with new binaries.

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