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I will instantly focus on question, because I think there can be a simple answer by Droidzz...

Is there any option that we can change Relogger timer to restart WoW.exe ( upon not succesfull login into game )

I have problem, when my WoW is stucked at "success" at login screen, and waiting like that for 2-3 minutes.

My wait time in task at Relogger is about 1 min plus thoose 2-3 mins leads me to get queue at Warmane realm, so when I get it Im unable to bot 8 more hours for sure...

My plan is to reduce Relogger timer when it restart WoW.exe (if it didnt succeed at login), so if it restart wow after 20 seconds my chances to get into queue are drastically reduced...


Im botting more than 15 characters and everyday 5 or more are into queue because of this situation...

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Wait next update and edit with notepad the file "WRobot\Settings\WRobotGlobalSetting.xml" and change value in CloseIfCannotLoginWowMinutes (by default 2 minutes, replace 2 by your delay to close WRobot if cannot login wow) (I try to release update today)

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