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Aggroing Multiple Mobs

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Hello there!

Im currently running a level 13 Paladin.. I use the Grind Profile of Eeny..

So far so good, but he keeps aggroing multiple mobs or just runs directly into 5+ mobs.. Or if he wants to kill a neutral mob next to a hostile one he pulls the neutral first & then get aggro of the other one ..

Is there any chance to improve this behavior? he really dies a lot! =(


Thanks in advance

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the Human Master Plugin has a functionality to automatically blacklist large groups of enemies and pulling mobs that are in the path of your actual target. It's not for free though. AvoidIt (free) has a similar functionality, but afaik it has not been updated for a long time and can lead to obvious movement loops.

Stock, you can try to reduce the value of "Max units near target" to zero or one, but it won't fully prevent that behaviour. Another way is to blacklist any area that contains an not killable amount of enemies right in the profile. So it's probably the best idea to tell eeny about your problem and suggest him to add (additional) blacklists for this sub zone. If the profile is not encrypted, you could do this yourself too.

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