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[PAID][1.12.1/2.4.3/3.3.5a] AFKing and Humanizing plugin 2.2

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About This File

No refunds - you are purchasing a digital copy of a product.

For questions and bugreports, please reach out to me on Discord. 
I will continue working on this plugin and it will receive updates (which are included in the purchase).

Any problems pathing? Disable all "Avoid Enemy" options.

Installation instructions


How to get your transaction id

Go to your purchase email, which also contains your download link. Download the product and install it following the README.txt


Your transaction ID here is "1314324" you will need to copy this into the plugin's settings after purchasing it to be able to use it. 
You do this by clicking on "SETTINGS FOR SELECTED PLUGIN" after selecting HumanMasterPlugin.dll in wRobot's Plugins tab.
Scroll all the way to the top and enter the ID you received in your email:





  • can automatically buy food and drink (uses @reapler's database)
  • can automatically choose your vendors and repairs (closest vendors and avoids high level zones)
  • can automatically purchase ammunition (deactivated by default) 
  • automatically chooses the best quest reward for your class
  • automatically equips better items, based on TBC "Pawn" stat weights - only uses base stats
  • automatically equips bags and replaces them with bigger bags
  • creates and uses bandages - will learn First Aid and train 1-150
  • trains Skinning and all useful weapons for your class (can be turned off)
  • runs away from fight if you're likely to die (can be seen several times throughout the video - fails in cave sometimes)1
  • spirit rezz if chain dying
  • ignore all combat if items are broken
  • stop combat with evading mobs, friendly NPCs and friendly pets
  • hearthstone if stuck (please read instructions)
  • fully automated trainer choosing and training, goes every 4 levels after level 20 (if you have training turned on in wRobot)
  • automatically use potions in combat
  • stop combat with tapped targets
  • stop combat if target is evading
  • swim up if you are about to drown
  • swim to shore before regen (if a safe spot can be found)
  • teaches your bot how to use transports for shorter paths (supported so far: Deeprun Tram, Darnassus Portal/Ship)
  • constant updates, you should re-download through your Rocketr link every evening


This is a new multi-expansion, multi-functionality plugin. I wrote it to fix some of the inconveniences, bugs and "bot-like" behavior wRobot comes with sometimes. Down below is a list of features, that this plugin brings to the table. Any plugin that has the same/similar functionality to my public (free) plugins has been improved in functionality and CPU usage.
Here you can find a 1:30 hour long video of a pure quester run from level 1-12 where you can see some of the plugin's functionality. The "running away" part of the plugin can sometimes be buggy within caves.

1Problems with "running away from combat" will occur in highly obstructed areas, such as caves, hills or anything else where your bot might have issues navigating (such as highly contested areas with tons of enemies). I have been trying (and still am) to improve this feature as much as I can, but if you aren't grinding with your bot (questing, gathering, etc) I recommend setting it to only run away if you pull more than x number of enemies



Unstuck instructions

Your hearthstone needs to be set to your current continent (anywhere on it) for the bot to find a path back to your regular grinding/questing spot, after using Hearthstone to get out of a "stuck" situation. If this is not the case, please disable that feature in the plugin settings.



*If you run wRobot.exe through a proxy or VPN, this limits you - if you only run WoW.exe througher another IP, this is not a problem

PURCHASE NOW - 10 IPs (limited to 1 wRobot license) - 30.00€


I, the owner and creator of this file, am in no way associated with the wRobot company. By purchasing this file, you agree to the contract of the purchasing website and that alone.


Check out my other Fightclasses

Edited by Matenia

What's New in Version 2.2   See changelog


- added support for First Aid (will create bandages and use them if you have the profession, but NOT train)

User Feedback

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I just echo other reviewers. It is simply a MUST have. Active developer plus great support. 

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This is a must for a real AFK experience  I been reported and banned countless times because i came back to the bot and he was chain dieing in a spot and someone seen 20 skeletons and my corpse and reported me because it screams bot.  And if you grind / farm in remote spots that are far from vendor and the bot will have trouble with path finding TO TOWN when your bags are full the hearthstone on stuck feature is nice because it will hearth sell my stuff then go back to my path instead of running into the wall for countless hours while im asleep and usually get me banned.   You can turn on Buying Food / Water from vendors near you and it will buy stacks of either and  it auto picks the food / water thats closest to your level which is nice for again the AFK experience because i hate monitoring a toon to see if it has food water every couple hours.

Also the run away if multiple mobs feature makes it look lot more realistic you can set the # of mobs you want to flee so if your under geared and don't want to chain die while AFK this is worth the money because being banned is a huge waste of time for something this plugin could fix as far as not looking like a bot.  

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   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

MUST HAVE plugin.

+ Active & friendly & helpful developer who knows his stuff

+ Weekly new features

too many good things to mention. Now the bad things:

- No automatic updates. Literally you have to daily (sometimes twice a day) get new copy via rocketr if you want to have newest version at all times

Personally i recommend to buy it now if you're going to before price goes up as more features are added

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   1 of 3 members found this review helpful 1 / 3 members

Must have plugin! Totally worth. Contains too manyuseful things :) Thanks

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

overall it's not bad and makes some good improvements but I'm disappointed with a few things, but the author's support makes up for it all

it ignores the talent build chain I specified and doesn't allocate any talent points at all when left on the default setting

it doesn't evade elite mobs even when the setting for it is on

it uses the escape HP % for multiple enemies even after you kill the rest and are down to one enemy so it runs when it doesnt need to necessarily



Response from the author:

I've been sick for like 3 weeks and not checking Discord. Your first message to me was 2 days before this review and that was on a weekend.

Rezzing is part of HMP, but the log will tell you if there simply isn't a safe spot within corpse distance with no mobs around. That's what the Spirit Rezz option is for, if your profile walks you into a place you're likely to die. I feel like you probably didn't install the plugin correctly or are using it on a custom (modded) server/client. Flightmasters are also part of WRobot, not part of the plugin. I just leave the normal Flightmaster State attached and don't do anything to movement. Your quester profile disables it though:

[D] 18:10:41 - [Quester] RunCode[2]: wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FlightMasterTaxiUse = false;

Regarding talents, I would recommend you just leave it as default. They're set very well for most classes, especially for working with my fightclasses. They use the string (not entire URL) from classic.wowhead.com and if you want them to be set in a certain order, you need to supply a bunch of unfinished talent trees to order them. If these Lua based functions don't work, I still suspect a client side problem. Vanilla Lua didn't just change - the client has been the same since 2006.

You can't make WRobot not fight enemies entirely. You can disable all combat, but that is up to your profile if it takes you through those areas. HMP doesn't know what your intention is and I'm not going to make that choice for you simply because there are many people who level as parties or similarly and WANT to tag everything around.

Mob selection is also not done by HMP. It simply tries to improve by blacklisting mob groups for WRobot and sending a stop combat command. If whatever profile you use insists on picking and fighting those mobs, it will eventually do it.

It feels like you didn't adequately familiarize yourself with the bot at all and are blaming the plugin for a bunch of stuff that it simply doesn't do. 

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Best of the best cheers

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