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    I agree with wormy completely. Bambo is a top seller and great support provided. Auto update is amazing
    Level two characters with it. so very good Bambo is a great seller and great customer services.
  1. I'm having an issue where the bot is not interacting with items it needs to look for quests such as stolen silver or deepmoss spider eggs it just walks to the item then walks to the next without clicking. I got my ms set high in settings.
  2. everytime ive tried to use this I got insta banned
    I just echo other reviewers. It is simply a MUST have. Active developer plus great support.
    Hello, I highly recommend this profile. It got me to sixty in combination with grinding profiles with 15 days played. The developer is active and provides great support highly recommended.
  3. Its any. I tried making my own does the same thing with the lava also tried it in EPL fighting the water elementals it will often drown underwater fighting them.
  4. I already tried to blacklist the area no help.
  5. Currently keeps rezzing and dying in lava 5 Nov 2018 09H41 - bJbqyvv.log.html
  6. Ok I will post logs soon. It keeps dying in lava in burning steppe as well.
    This is a great addon with an active developer that listens to the customer. It has done great at mining and herbing as well as other tasks.
  7. Even though checked still goes underwater and lava
  8. Please increase the priority of Shield Slam. Also please add rend. Many Prot specs go all the way to Impale in Arms
  9. I understand that but that's not what I paid for with the initial purchase I paid 24.99 EU which is not even an option anymore. I don't think it was sub based before since a one year 10 session key is 79.99 eu can i just have a 1 session license for three years to offset the cost since its sub based now?
  10. I paid 79.99 for a lifetime license but now it says I'm a 10 session yearly license. What happened?
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