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Eating Food Intermittently

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Hey All,

Just got the bot and have it all working fine for the most part, just purchased Eeny's Horde 1-60 grinding pack and it works great apart from when I go into advanced settings within the bot I then choose the food I want to eat and the percentage settings when to eat but the bot only sometimes eats..... it will eat say after killing 1 mob but once it has attacked say 2-3 and is low on health it completely ignores the food and carries onto the next target and dies straight away as on low HP, I have zero plugins running and just a very basic fight class and as said before using Horde 1-60 profile.


Any help would be great.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Glacious,


prob going to need a log file from the session to give any guidance for this.  The only general advice people can give would be "Verify the food / drink settings"...

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