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Flying a foot of the ground while questing


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I am having issues with my bot flying one foot of the ground while I am questing. I cant find a setting to change the how high I fly, or fix it. Can someone tell me in detail how to fix it and walk me thru it? 



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@kyle908 I have attached a alpha test version of my plugin for you to try.


Just place in your plugins folder, load wrobot, and select Plugins > Settings for selected plugin.

This plugin does not need to be set to "ON", it also does not need to remain open after you configure what you want.

Of course, you can leave it open if you like the monitoring / quick configuration of profile/fightclass. (Resize bottom right)

You can go ahead and adjust the section "Flying Mount Above Ground Height" section and let me know if that works for you.

This thing is a new and untested version that is still in alpha stages, so other features may not fully function, but it should resolve your issue.




**This file has been encrypted to only work for kyle908


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