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C# Combat Range - Change through settings?


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Hey all

I set the combat range in the top of my C# With the code @Droidz has provided.

public float Range { get { return CombatRange; } }

It seems that, it doesn't work if i don't set it as read-only (get).
I want to be able to change the range from fightclass settings, does anyone know how to get this to work? :)

Added this here, since it's more a all around thing, than vanilla only. :)

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14 minutes ago, Zan said:

This doesn't work?

public float Range { get { return FightClassSettingsHere; } }


Well, yes it does. But since it's read-only i can only set it once. I wanted to change Range based on conditions. :)

Edit: LoL.Brainfart.. nevermind.. how did i not see the "return" rofl..
Works fine. :)

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