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Healer Dismount


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I've been using the party product recently and love it so far. I do have one problem though. Is there a way to dismount quicker? If I mount up, my healer mounts up and follows me. When I attack a new mob, it will stay mounted until there is something to loot. 

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Ok, thanks. I'll try that. Btw, anyone know of any guides for this? kinda daunting learning this by myself. at least i can look at the fight class downloads and compare it with what i know from using previous bots.

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i have this at the top of all of my fight classes including the heals


So I've added this, and it still doesnt work. I think I'm doing it wrong. 


I add "RunMacroText("/dismount")" to the "spells" box and set "Not spell, is lua script" to true. Anything else?



Found "cast if mounted" option is enabled, it works, but...

setting "Combat only" to true doesn't work because the healer doesn't always get into combat


I saw a post that you have it in your fight classes, can you tell me which one that is so I can see?

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In your lua code activate spell option "Not spell, is lua script":
ps: You can also activate option on all fightclass spells in "Spell settings" "Cast if mounted" (when you cast spells wow dismount mount).
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