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Not possible to Drink and Eat in BGs?

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You can ask whoever made your fightclass to add drinking into the rotation, or do it yourself if you have the knowhow. :)
Then it will work no matter what product you are using. :)

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1 hour ago, retrostalgic said:

anyone know how to make eating into fightclase? i tried /use *name of food* in macro thing but that didnt work for me


If it's vanilla, you can't use the macro command.

If you are using c# then use the Manager to use item. ?

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1 minute ago, retrostalgic said:

IT is tbc actually, is the same true? Thanks. im a bit new but trying to learn more about "programming" so im not sure what the c# and manager is 

Is your fightclass written in C# or are you using the XML editor?
Anyway, if you are in TBC. you should be able to use RunMacroText as Lua
RunMacroText("/use whatever");

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7 hours ago, retrostalgic said:

i got it to sometimes eat but it wont sit still just eats for half a second.. and continues on 

You need to set "Can move during cast" to no

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