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Fishbot seems broken

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I'm having issues with the fishbot. I'm getting the well known no fish hooked notice. The bot right clicks the bober too early, when it doesnt even jump up (false positive).

I've searched throughout the forums for problem, lots of people have it aswell and yet even after the update of fishbot, after fiddling with all the options and various amount of ms I am still getting less than 50 % success rate because of false positive on the bober. @Droidz Are there any plans for rewriting the fishbot entirely? Or maybe there is a solution I've missed after all ?

Anticipating some questions:

It happens no matter what zone.

I know how fishing works and that it requires certain skill to fish, yet my question regards the function of bot nontheless. There is a difference between "no fish hooked" and "your fish got away".

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