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WOW Vanilla - 100% AFK Workaround Zeppelin OG-UC, UC-OG and 2x Boat - Wetlands-Darkshore - Darkshore-Teldrassil

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i play on vanilla right now and had some problems with zeppelin and boats.
So I made a few workarounds for that and spent some hours to make it work.
Boat travel seems to be buggy on vanilla. Thats why i made these profiles.

(I needed an afk solution to go to weapon vendors, for horde sword trainer in uc
 and for alliance bows weapon trainer in darnassus)

Short explanation of the files:

- Zeppelin Orgrimmar to Undercity

- Zeppelin Undercity to Orgrimmar

- Boat loop - Wetlands to Darkshore

- Boat loop - Darkshore to Teldrassil


For boat travel i made a loop...i dont know when the ship is there, so i wait and
go to coord, if ship is not there i fall in the water and repeat it...
till the ship is there and my wait delay hits and travel to other continent begins.

You can be lucky and you can stay on the boat in a few minutes or it takes 1 hour
depending on your luck but at least it is afk able.

For the second ship route i had more problems, it is from darkshore to teldrassil.
I also have a infinite loop and a distance check to an npc near the boat entry.
I also had to deactivate path-finder for a while not to get stucked.
Furthermore i enabled spirit healer because in teldrassil, i dont know if my classic server
is bugged but when i jump from the boat my char swims into the big ocean.
So after dead, you will use spirit healer and you arrived in teldrassil.
Now you can path to darnassus without any problems.

It is for Wow vanilla only! On other addons, you must change some coords probably.

Have fun,





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There is a much smarter way. You can detect the boats as gameobjects. With that you can check if the Boat is in its waiting place, then you fire the code to enter the Boat.

If you need example code:

Add me on Discord. Bambo#6404

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