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WoTLK fight classes healing party members.

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Hey all,

I'm working on a Ret pally party bot for [email protected]@ne 3.3.5 and im looking to get "Art of War" procs to be a bit more smart. 


The Art of war is a proc where he net Flash of Light or Exorcism becomes instant cast.  At the moment im just writing the tank name into the Fight class and running a macro to target the tank when the bot has Art of War and cast FoL.  Its effective, however some boss fights are a bit more party damage heavy and im seeing a lot of wasted heals landing on the tank which could go to the party.

Does anyone have code or methods to check the health of party members and target / heal them in a DPS fight class.

Currently im running this to keep the tank up...

        if ( ObjectManager.Me.ManaPercentage > 10  && ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("The Art of War") && ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent > 85)
        wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.RunMacroText("/cast [@Tank_name] Flash of Light ");


FC Attached-



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Is it inefficient to check health of party1-4 with lua? UnitHealth("party1") / UnitHealthMax("party1"). And cast at party member with CastSpellByName("Flash of Light", "party1"); Thats all I know, sorry 

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