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Standing still when in combat but not being attacked


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I've noticed that sometimes when my character is mining in Dread Wastes, sometimes it will aggro a mob that is in combat with a friendly NPC. Since itis not grinding and just gathering, it does not go to kill it. However, they keep fighting each other and never kill each other, so therefore my character stays in combat, unable to mount and move on.


I find that manually running my character away fixes this issue as it will get far enough away, drop combat, and WRobot will detect it and start mounting.


So, is there a way to do this automatically? I don't want to come back someday and find out I've just been standing there for hours.

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Maybe add a timer on no attacks when in combat? When you attacks happen in combat say for 20 seconds the bot will run away?

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Unfortunately it is not fixed. Here's an active log that is just repeating the same thing over and over. Also included is a slightly updated route for my frostfire ridge route if you wanted that too.


One thing i did notice that happened right after i uploaded this comment is that it actually turned around to kill one of the Podlings that spawn from herbing. It wasn't doing that before.



One other thing, i main a druid and use travel form to gather because it can run at mount speed. Not sure if that is a problem or not.

27 Nov 2014 19H07.log.html

Herbing Frostfire Ridge v4.xml

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When I use a mount to travel around everything works fine. I can herb and kill stuff normally. Only problem it's still having is when I use Travel Form. It won't attack if I use it instead of a mount. 

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Do you have try to desactivate option "Ignore fight during farm if druid form" (in advanced general settings tab "Looting and ...")?


EDIT: Wait next update and tell me if your problem is resolved.

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