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Tell bot to attack specific target?


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Using the quester, is there any way i can tell the bot to attack a specific target. Since  ID's are based on any mob of that kind, I'd like to tell it to attack certain mobs instead.
Perhaps based on the vector of that mob?

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3 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, if target don't move, you can try to put small search distance

The problem is that the search range is circular, and if it gets close enough to the target that it only reaches that, it will body pull a lot of shit. ?

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if the mob is agressiv and don't move you can try to use quest type "FollowPath" (and go to mob position).

You can also try  to filter mobs to run code like:

        wManager.Events.FightEvents.OnFightStart += delegate(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
            if (unit.Entry != 1234 || !Quest.HasQuest(1234) || unit.InCombatWithMe)
            if (unit.Guid != 12345645678)
                wManager.wManagerSetting.AddBlackList(unit.Guid, 1000 * 60, true);
                cancelable.Cancel = true;

(complete the questid, entry and mob GUID, GUID is normally the same on all server and unique)

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