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Wrotation warmane


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Hello folks,

does anyone know If Wrotation will work on warmane servers without getting banned? I know that PQR will get you banned because of their own anti-cheat.

best regards


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1 hour ago, Matenia said:

Yes it isn't detected and neither is EWT. Pretty sure people have even modified the old PQR by now to work around Warmane's detection (which was mostly string detection, looking for PQR in chatframe)

A modified pqr version would be nice to have, specially for those times where I am in dungeon and I'm literally so tired that I can't focus well on doing the basic 1-2-3 rotation, and I just want to finish the dungeon asap and get the emblems and log out.
However, I am still very careful even with wrobot, I got flagged by the sentinel anticheat recently, while using the auction feature on my main account. I don't know exactly what happened but after that, I switched the auction feature on a trash character and now it camps the AH day and night non stop, and I never got a warning. So stupid...

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