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Fisherbot + Relogger issue?


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I'm fishing one spot in particular (no pools) and the bot runs just fine when I start it there. The issue I'm having is when relogger closes the bot when in town and reloads the bot. It tries to fish repeatedly where it logged in at (casting in town). I tried enabling the fish school option with just the one point set in a profile and all it does is run there, stand, and doesn't fish. How can I force the bot to go to a specific spot before attempting to fish (no pools) when logged in at a different location? Fishing in the town or along roads is very suspicious. 

This is Vanilla btw.

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5 minutes ago, Droidz said:

Hello, I planned to add option (position and rotation where to fishing), but I ignore when I'll add it. I comeback here when is added

Any idea when you will add this function?

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Please also add randomness into the wait time between throws and clicking on the bobber. 

Like I write wait time minimum 1532 and max 1643 and it randoms a wait time to wait between those numbers.


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