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  1. shutdown?

    [E] 17:24:47 - Wow try to call protected function, if this happen frequently please report it. [E] 17:24:47 - [WarGuard] Call > GetThreadContext from: cbdd7c rebased: 1cdd7c what is this?

    Works great, on occasion it does pick up some mobs but handles them fine. Thanks!
  3. 90-93 Horde Garrison Area

  4. 90-93 Horde Garrison Area

    works great!
  5. Horde 90-95 Frostfire Ridge

    i'll try that, maybe it was operator error :P
  6. Horde 90-95 Frostfire Ridge

    i tried this and it keeps getting suck on gigantic mountains?
  7. Sumptuous Fur Farm -Spires

    looks like toon died a lot at 96, good profile for higher levels
  8. Sumptuous Fur Farm -Spires

    been running for about 10 mins, so far so good, (96 demo lock)
  9. Test drive 2 (herb farming in shadow moon wod)

    it does! no worries.
  10. Test drive 2 (herb farming in shadow moon wod)

    thx, wasn't sure if it pathed through an alliance base
  11. Test drive 2 (herb farming in shadow moon wod)

    safe for horde?