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  1. [E] 17:24:47 - Wow try to call protected function, if this happen frequently please report it. [E] 17:24:47 - [WarGuard] Call > GetThreadContext from: cbdd7c rebased: 1cdd7c what is this?
    Works great, on occasion it does pick up some mobs but handles them fine. Thanks!
  2. works great!
  3. i'll try that, maybe it was operator error :P
  4. i tried this and it keeps getting suck on gigantic mountains?
  5. looks like toon died a lot at 96, good profile for higher levels
  6. been running for about 10 mins, so far so good, (96 demo lock)
  7. it does! no worries.
  8. thx, wasn't sure if it pathed through an alliance base
  9. safe for horde?