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  1. It seems you are correct! Matenia's fightclass is working without any DC issues atm, thank you 🙂
  2. Hello, Wow disconnects immediately when i press "start" on Wrobot. It was working fine yesterday. I have tried disabling all plugins and it still happens, i don't use any addons either. I am playing on Warmane - Frostmourne. I have attached a log, thank you! Sincerely Gobick EDIT: Wrotation seems to be working fine, it's when i try to use Quester that i get instant DC. I have tried different profiles as well. 15 sep 2020 18H38.log.html
  3. Hello, I have been trying to use BG bot in AV with different kinds of profiles, but the bot keeps using "free mode" it seems, even though it's set to "off". Free mode is not working which is why i am trying to make it use profiles. I have tried both creating profiles and using profiles from others, but the bot keeps trying to follow players in AV rather than to follow the path of the profiles. Free mode would have been great to use, but it doesn't work for me. It barely moves at all during the whole bg. Sincerely Gobick
    Excellent fightclass! Been working flawlessly while I have been leveling on a wotlk server. I had one minor issue with it because I used it on a wotlk server instead of TBC, but Schaka actually took time to improve the FC for wotlk and sent it to me personally. Outstanding customer service! 5/5
  4. Hello, My hunter won't revive/call his pet and he won't use aspect of the hawk either. I have tried turning all the settings off and on. It's a fresh wrobot installation as well. Your FC is working perfectly when I am using your vanilla version on Northdale, but now that I am trying your TBC version on a TBC server it doesn't seem to work as smoothly. Sincerely Gobick
  5. Lads just update Humanmasterplugin, fixed it for me at least
  6. My bot is not working after the update either. I am not getting the compilation error though, just nothing happens after i press "start".
  7. Hello, I've tried that as well, no difference sadly. - Gobick
  8. Hello, From yesterday wrobot won't launch anymore, after i press "login" it gets stuck at "in progress" for a few seconds then disappears. So far I've tried to reinstall wrobot and reinstall it's dependencies, I have attached a log. Thank you in advance! P.S. Im on windows 10, also i have installed SlimDX. Sincerely Gobick 31 jul 2018 16H43 - XNohuCY.log.html
  9. The battlegrounder wont queue for me either : /
  10. Hey I was trying to do BG's on my bot today, but he just keeps spaming fortitude buff no matter what. I tried with several different priest fight classes. Thank you! Gobick!
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