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    enu got a reaction from Bambo in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
    Done Bambo 🙂 
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    enu got a reaction from Smokie in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
    Done Bambo 🙂 
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    enu got a reaction from Bambo in The bot Does not use flight paths.   
    Any way to fix this? Using HumanMasterPlugin and Bambo's profile but the bot still refuses to even acknowledge flight paths exist and he will run everywhere, instead of going to crossroads and flying to orgrimmar to train he will run there, and then run all the way back. This is infuriating and extends the level time by hours and hours because of the absurd amount of running he does. 
    I have no Addons, I have reinstalled the Bot multiple times, re-installed profiles multiple times, i have the bot set to use flight paths in the advanced settings, i have discovered range set to 250 and yet  it still does not discover or use flight paths, even when the profiles im using are supposed to force that to happen. How do i fix this? 
    Even manually adding them and making sure they're active in the taxi database does nothing to make the bot use flight paths. Will this ever be fixed. My database list for taxies is currently empty, even though i have discovered them and added them manually multiple times it still resets the database to holding 0 information on any flight master. 
    This is on the horde. 
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    enu reacted to Droidz in New update - bot just jumps around with CTM   
    Thank you, if you can try with new update (and CTM)
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