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    This profile is excellent for the money. I have been using this on a rogue and shaman and it's been great. Quick Leveling, good routes, Although necessary to spend a bit of gold on gear for the characters so they don't die if they path into a camp of monsters. Bambo never fails to impress with his amazing profiles and excellent support on his discord.
  1. Any way to fix this? Using HumanMasterPlugin and Bambo's profile but the bot still refuses to even acknowledge flight paths exist and he will run everywhere, instead of going to crossroads and flying to orgrimmar to train he will run there, and then run all the way back. This is infuriating and extends the level time by hours and hours because of the absurd amount of running he does. I have no Addons, I have reinstalled the Bot multiple times, re-installed profiles multiple times, i have the bot set to use flight paths in the advanced settings, i have discovered range set to 250 and yet it still does not discover or use flight paths, even when the profiles im using are supposed to force that to happen. How do i fix this? Even manually adding them and making sure they're active in the taxi database does nothing to make the bot use flight paths. Will this ever be fixed. My database list for taxies is currently empty, even though i have discovered them and added them manually multiple times it still resets the database to holding 0 information on any flight master. This is on the horde.
    I was a tester for this profile on a Rogue, Shaman and a warrior and they all did great. The shaman was by far the best class to use out of the 3. No downtime, no eating, no drinking, just ploughing through the levels. Bambo also altered things on the fly due to feedback and was very personal with his approach to help and refine the quester before launch. The quester was a huge, huge improvement on levels over pure grinding. If you are wishing to use this on a rogue or a warrior I would strongly recommend investing some gold into your character to get greens early on, otherwise, you will struggle with these classes.
  2. Hey man, seems to be working okay today, i put my mount distance to 80 and lowered the NPC scan range and herb scan range. seem's to be fine now.
    Works perfectly. Another amazing addition from Bambo. Thank you ❤️
  3. @Droidz Slight issue, once he is dismounted he will never re-mount. So he mounts fine but if he is interrupted with combat or dazed and dismounted he will continue to run the rest of the journey until he hits the next goal and attempts to remount again For instance, Go to town > Get's dismounted or into combat and fights > Will run to town > Then mount to go back.
  4. Looks like it's working fine again @Droidz Thank you so much.
  5. @Droidz Turning off Click to move make's the bot work but it's really weird and messed up, turning click to move back on makes it behave like an idiot with the endless mount/dismount, jump loop. This is also Vanilla.
  6. Matenia is away until Sunday, we can send you the latest fight class if @Matenia is okay with it.
  7. I don't understand? Does he have to update the profile for it to work?
  8. @Droidz Here is the new log. 4 Oct 2018 18H55.log.html
  9. Here are the logs you requested from the bot. These are on the latest update you pushed that completely destroyed the bots pathing. He now just jumps up and down endlessly or mounts up and dismounts then jumps up and down endlessly on a loop. This is for the Vanilla Version of the bot. 4 Oct 2018 17H34.log.html 4 Oct 2018 17H20 - bBhN.log.html 4 Oct 2018 17H20.log.html 4 Oct 2018 17H33.log.html
    This profile is Fantastic, I have been using it in Combination with Bambo's Horde grinding profile and they both work very well together. This profile Is excellent. Uses rogue skills correctly, in the right order, Vanishes, Stealths, Applies poisons. Also uses kick correctly. It's great.
    Great profile. The creator is very active on discord and very helpful with any problems. Also willing to listen to feedback. It has grinded no problem since i started and i have made about 23 gold from selling the loot. Currently, level 34 and have used it for 4 levels. So that's a great amount of gold while levelling.
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