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    Works pretty well, just had to intervene 2-3 times cuz of server bugs with the ship quests and stuff, great work
    Has just some lil slip-ups, but overall some great work. He is a rly nice guy aswell and constantly working to make his profiles perfect.
  1. That is the exact yellow error WoW gives in chatbox, same Problem here..
  2. Moes

    Bergbau 300-375?

    Lern halt suchen, im Profilbereich findest du Profile für Höllenfeuerhalbinsel und Wälder von Terrokar, mit 350 kannst du dann übrigens schon Kobalt farmen. Wenn du tatsächlich mal kein Profil findest kannst du dich auch in die Mitte eines Gebiets stellen und Automaton aktivieren.
  3. What an awesome answer after 4 days. Even with reasonable cause ....
  4. Push, this is a serious issue, dismounting as soon as in range to gather should fix those problems as you should swing onto the ore/herb afterwards and it looks super human-pro-farmer-like edit: I'm running on the wotlk version btw, so it may be a problem that all private server versions have?
  5. setting search radius to a smaller amount (like 40) may hotfix your problem, if you realy need it to stay on the exact path, you may try quester base "easy" profile creator with a FolowPath Quest, the tutorials referencing this topic may help you out here
  6. It's because on a normal mount, you would not "glide" away from the node while holding x down, but the druid raven has a different behaviour. Suffering from the same problem, if you are gathering in an area where this seems to happen alot, i suggest swapping to a traditional flying mount while we wait for a fix :)
  7. Hey Guys, I just thought it would be a realy nice feature if you could set to record all x meters in gatherer like you may in Quester creator. Right now if you want nice profiles WITH randomization that don't look botty, you would need to first record the waypoints in Quester with the option all 20-50 meters and then copy them over, but as the feature is already there just in quester creator, you may aswell just copy-paste the function into Gatherer-creator so we don't have to everytime we want to make a clean profile ;D Greets Moriss
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, just a really simple profile I made for use with Relogger, in case you want to go to town between profiles. It just sets EmptyBagSlots for GoToTown to 100 and loops, so just goes to Town over and over again. If you want to, you may edit it and set your custom npcs/mailboxes for vendoring/mailing. In Relogger, just Set Mode to Run with Quester Base and set time to 15 or smth. Enjoy
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