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  1. Hi, I bought your profile a while ago and would also like to download the update now - how is that possible? Thanks in advance! Also I suggest changing the lvl from 55 to 56, where the character goes to Silithus. Mobs are too strong there and the pathfinding bugs like hell, chaindies from running into elites, constantly runs into walls and stucks at cenarion hold etc. you basically cant use the bot from 55 up atm, without watching it 24/7.
    Also works with bear form, just replace "cat form" in the fight class editor with bear form. Great FC, thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Simple Fight class for Priest from 10 to 60 levleing in Vanilla WoW. Mana efficient killing, main damage is wanding, SW:P, Mind Blast and Holy Fire. - Drinks and eats - Uses heals and hots, if low health
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