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  1. If you cant figure out whats wrong with your profile i suggest clicking the house button on wrobot then clicking product settings then profle setting (enable/disable a quest step) and unchecking the boxes for those quests and to let it just got form there.
  2. Not sure why but it wont follow my main character. Ive tryed just typing the name in and also ive tryed targeting the character and pressing the plus sign to add his name. neither is working.
  3. what he said ^ i am new to using the program but have figured it out fairly quickly
  4. have you checked to make sure that the profile is for your version of wow your playing. For example if you download a legion profile it will not work on a vanilla version of wow.
  5. You dont need to inclose the spell name. You may just need to add a spell condition or change a setting in the top right section of the fight class editor when altering said spell.
  6. Nice! Ya they are fairly east to make for low levels. Gets bit more complicated later on though.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Priest fightclass for before lvl 10 is on forums under "Vanilla lvl 1-10 Leveling Priest" Once you hit lvl 10. Grab a wand from the auction house, etc... Begin putting talent points into wand specialization until your 5/5. Where you go from there is up to you. Spell order is as follows. Power Word: Fortitude Inner Fire Power Word: Shield Touch of Weakness Shadow Word Pain Devouring Plague ( once you get it and are undead class) Shoot ( with wand ) Renew ( when you hit 60% Health ) Lesser Heal ( when you hit 30% Health ) Psychic Scream ( when 3 or more targets are attacking you in a 10 yard range from you) WELCOME TO COMMENT OR LEAVE A REVIEW. THANKS! =D
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This profile is for priests starting off before you get a wand. Spell order. Fortitude Power Word: Shield Shadow Word Pain Smite Keep plenty of water in your inventory to maximize killing! Priest Fightclass for after lvl 10 is on forums under the name "10-60 Leveling Priest Vanilla"
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Awesome warrior Leveling FightClass. Encourage you to leave feedback on how it works for you! Spec improved heroic strike then follow the Protection tree into Last stand. TO ENABLE CHARGE CLICK THE COGWHEEL NEXT TO FIGHTCLASS IN WROBOT AND CHANGE FALSE UNDER CHARGE TO TRUE Order of skills being used are as follows. Charge Bloodrage Rend Demoralizing Shout Battle Shout Heroic Strike Executes at 20% enemy Health Uses Retaliation when 3 enemies are within 10 yards of you and your in combat. Uses Last Stand when you hit 30% Health Pops Defensive Stance when 3 enemies are within 10 yards of you and your in combat.
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