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    LukeJudd reacted to Bambo in Netherwing Hunters for free!   
    Hey it is time again,
    i had a few hunters up using my tbc quester profile so they have done many quests and not only grinding (safer).
    Level Range: 28 to 36
    pm me a good reason why you need one. yes absolutely free.
    EDIT: I completely stopped botting them since the first mass bans on netherwing occured.
  2. Thanks
    LukeJudd reacted to Bambo in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    Looks like I really found some interesting Matches between me and other Botters that get mass banned.
    I wanna validate it before I make it public. Pls add me on discord Bambo#6404
    1) you experienced multiple ban waves
    2)some bots seemed to survive every wave and seemed "invisible"
    3) you still have the bots folders to send me your settings or know exactly how the survivor was set up.
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    LukeJudd reacted to Findeh in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
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    LukeJudd got a reaction from Bambo in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    People are still missing the issue here. They 100% have some way to connect the botting accounts together. I accidentally logged an account in from my native IP while 6 other bots were running properly through proxies. 10 min later the revealed account and all bots that had been running at the time were DCD and banned at the same time. 
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    LukeJudd reacted to eeny in Does Wrobot work for vanilla 1.12?   
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