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  1. LukeJudd

    [PAID] Gold Making Plugin

    A very interesting and original idea for a plugin - this plugin does everything you'd want to make all the gold you want. I've only mainly tried out the herbing and mining aspects of it but it works an absolute treat. The interface makes it super simple and easy to set up and do exactly what you want. As usual excellent Bambo profile + +
    As we've all come to expect from Bambo's content, not only is the profile brilliant, but the ongoing support , suggestions and improvements (via the discord) from bambo is second to none. Highly recommend ++
  2. LukeJudd

    Fastest 1-60 with botting?

    Probably a grinding profile that avoids humanoids and utilizes as many grinding quests as possible (kill x amount of y, or collect x amount off z).
  3. LukeJudd

    Pathfinder broken?

    Seems to be a problem with the hotkeys for spells/attacks
  4. LukeJudd

    Pathfinder broken?

    24 Sep 2018 03H25.log.html
  5. LukeJudd

    Pathfinder broken?

    Yes, my bot refuses to attack anything at the moment. Just blacklists every target because "it cant reach it".
  6. LukeJudd

    Sudden Pathing problems

    Also having pathing issues atm
    Just like the alliance profile, the horde profile works really well (Horde actually levels a fair bit faster than alliance due to zone convenience). The profile support is second to none. Thanks a lot Bambo, looking forward to your future profiles!
    Profile works a treat, and the support is incredible. Any issues are immediately responded to via the dischord (and teamviewer if needed) and dealt with in a friendly and professional manner. Definitely recommend.
  7. LukeJudd

    [PAID] Feral Druid 1-60

    Actually its all good now man, was a very specific issue with a profile i was using.
  8. LukeJudd

    [PAID] Feral Druid 1-60

    Hi Matenia, Is it possible to add an option turn off the use of travel form? The problem is if the bot is running in a grinding loop, it will oom itself constantly switching between cat and travel form, and forces it to drink, when just remaining in cat form the entire time (only 10% slower) is much faster and more efficient.
  9. LukeJudd

    Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?

    Are you sure they arent bluffing? And if they have a way to detect you.. surely its automated... so luck shouldnt have anything to do with it ^^
  10. LukeJudd

    Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?

    Why of course? How can they possibly see your IP if a) you create the accounts through a VPN and b) you bot each account through an individual proxy?
  11. LukeJudd

    Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?

    I wish I understood just 10% your acronyms 😞 Thanks for the info though man, most likely very helpful.
  12. LukeJudd

    Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?

    Yes all accounts are being created through a VPN with a different IP per account. I am not familiar with puTTy, is it necessary to use along with proxycap?